‘...If you're going to be strong on the radio, you got to let it all out, even the ugly stuff. And you can't apologize for it.’

    -  Howard Stern

Anita the Broadcaster

I live out my passion for the wonderful world of radio at the Birmingham Hospital Broadcast Network (BHBN). I’m a radio presenter and producer of a Saturday music requests show for the patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.  It’s really rewarding to assemble a programme with music that people have asked you for at a time when they really need cheering up.

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My love of commenting on pertinent issues of the day finds its home at BBC WM. As well as being the Apprentice correspondent for the sixth series last year, I regularly comment on the Sunday newspapers with Carl Chinn. It’s a great way to de-mystify the complexity of business issues and what they mean for the man on the street, as well as debating some of the more straightforward topics.

Then there is The Apprentice. I made it to through a rigorous selection process for the televised series aired in 2009. My participation was brief but the experience was exceptional. I met lots of great broadcasters along the way as I participated on various BBC television programmes and radio programmes. There were interviews across the BBC local radio network, BBC Five Live and BBC Asian Network... not to mention the red sofa on BBC Breakfast and, of course, The Apprentice...You’re Fired!  It’s great to be able to take centre stage, to tell your story and even to laugh at yourself.