One’s reputation is like a shadow, it is gigantic when it precedes you, and a pigmy in proportion when it follows’.

    -  Charles Maurice de Talleyran


Here are some examples of what industry professionals have to say about me:

'While writing about The Apprentice for The Daily Telegraph, Anita has been a model of professionalism and dedication: always hitting her deadlines, taking time and care with her copy and always eager to take on board suggestions and looking for ways to improve her writing. Anita's writing is smart, clear, pithy, and, when occasion demands it, opinionated - ideal for reviewing a popular TV show like The Apprentice. In short, she has been a pleasure to work with' 
Andrew Pettie, TV & Radio Editor, Telegraph Media Group

'We hired Anita to write regular online articles about The Apprentice for the Telegraph website. As a former contestant on the show, she was able to offer an insight into its workings that other reviewers could not. Her articles were enjoyably forthright, accessible and plain-speaking; on top of that, she worked hard, always met her deadlines and suggested plenty of good ideas for articles in addition to the straightforward weekly review. We were delighted to have her as our Apprentice expert'
Michael Deacon, TV Features Editor, Telegraph Media Group

‘Anita writes in a bright, readable, sharp and witty style and has the potential to become a very good columnist indeed’
Tony Lennox, Editor, the Birmingham Press

'Knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate, Anita Shah has the skills to communicate thoughtfully and effectively across a broad spectrum - and in so doing she highlights her ability to inform as well as to entertain'
Professor Carl Chinn MBE, Presenter, BBC WM

Anita has always come fully briefed and prepared for her role as newspaper analyst on BBC WM. I have hired Anita because I know that she is an expert in her field, knowing exactly what her audience desires and she is able to deliver it in a lively, punchy way.... showing that she is well informed and educated. I will be hiring her again'
Ed Dawes, Producer, BBC WM

'Anita has been a fantastic weekly contributor to Mornings with Joanne Malin - giving us authoritative reaction on The Apprentice - from her tough interviewing of the latest evictee to insight on what it's like to be part of one of the UK's biggest television programmes'
Gary Butcher, Producer, BBC WM

‘Anita is a confident and professional presenter. She is a valuable member of the BHBN team’
Colin Monnaf, Programme Controller, Birmingham Hospital Broadcast Network

‘Anita is a real asset to BHBN Hospital Radio, a joy to work with, a great communicator - on- and off-air'
Brendan Delaney, Presenter, Birmingham Hospital Broadcast Network

‘Anita's tone is shiningly intelligent and straightforward making a very persuasive voice in print as well as radio'
Alan Maher, Publishing Director, Tindal Street Press
(providing feedback on my early work and my performance on BBC WM)